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1525 South Evans St. Greenville NC 27834
Monday - Friday 8AM to 6PM
1-885-JOB-BILD (855-562-2453)


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 Remodeling in Eastern North Carolina

In Eastern North Carolina, remodeling, general contracting and often even basic home repairs can take on special needs, with special applications and materials being required. Our longer, humid and hot summers along with relatively short, mild winters means that homes have to be built with features in mind that maximize the efficiency of the HVAC unit, insulation against heat and moisture, and the recreational lifestyle that coastal area people are expecting. We make sure that our repair and remodel professionals understand how important it is that our work is done with eastern North Carolina’s unique lifestyles and structural designs in mind. The proper placement of vapor barriers, the correct stains and paints and even proper nail patterns (in light of our frequent storms and exposure to potential hurricanes) have to be appropriate to the environment that we live in.


As a remodeling contractor,

We’ve experienced significant increases over the last several years of new residents to our area wanting to renovate and remodel their new North Carolina homes, making more open spaces, installing a lot of glass and stone materials to create a look that is cleaner and more open, easing access to the outdoors through porches and patios, and even having second story patio platforms built as were once only common on the Outer Banks and beaches of NC. We’re excited about being a contractor in this exciting time for our industry and participating in how eastern North Carolina is shaping itself towards the future and meeting the demands of the new breed of clients and residents that now make up the people of the Outer Banks, Inner Banks, the Crystal Coast, and our own local area, Greenville, NC.

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