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Home Repair

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 Home Repair

Home repairs can be slow, tedious, expensive and often has a learning curve that goes much farther than it initially appears. There are many tools and skills that are involved in home repairs that aren’t needed or used any other time. Consequentially, Do-It-Yourself efforts often go badly. Not understanding how different materials react to one another, such as how to correctly apply joint compound to a drywall repair, will make attempts at fixing things yourself look horrible, fail to last and even decrease home resell value and marketability. 

 Electrical Repair

Electrical repairs are dangerous. Both physically to the person attempting them and to the home itself. Crossed wires, incorrect installation of electrical outlets, incorrect placement or insulation can make electrical repairs literally set a home on fire. Only a trustworthy, experienced electrician should ever attempt electrical repairs in a home.

 Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing repairs can be confusing, extensive and if done incorrectly, costly. Water leaks, bad seals, incorrectly installed lines faucetry can and will cause extensive damage to floors and walls, particularly if they’re not noticed right away. If a homeowner is not experienced with plumbing and repairs and does not possess the right tools, attempting to make the repairs themselves will only cause more damage to the home.

 Paint and wall repairs.

Though not as dangerous or potentially detrimental as electrical or plumbing repairs, paint and wall repairs are difficult to pull off well without the right tools, materials and skills. More art than artifice, painting, drywall, trim and the like take patience and skill to do correctly and attractively. Attempting to make such repairs without the right tools, materials and skills often means leaving your home looking worse for wear, uncomfortable living space and unattractive to potential buyers.

 Windows, roofing and door repairs.

Simply stated, get one of these wrong, and you’re in for trouble. Loss of home insulation value, intrusion of rainwater into your walls , attic or floors and easy access to your home by potential burglars are nothing any homeowner would ever want. And none of these home components are easily replaced or repaired by someone without experience or equipment. That’s why it always best not to attempt these home repairs yourself. Instead, call a professional with experience and knowledge who can make these fixes to your home safely, reliably and quickly on the first try. 

  Call HandyHelpers today at 252-758-0897 and avoid costly do-overs, mistakes that cause even more damage or unsightly patches in your home.